Freitag, 20. Juli 2018

Simply Watercolor Day 4 Landscape

Yesterday was the Landscaping Day, my family came back so I did't have enough time to made this post, but I want to show you all my cards.

This was the first card from the day and I follow the tutorial.  This is really easy to do.

The second, is the theme Galaxy. I love the special form, which Kristina W. was showing... I put also a little pink into the background. I am not a fan to write my own sentiments, mostly they looks terrible, so I decided me to stamp a sentiment and use a stamp sent from Create a Smile... Mostly it is cold outside, it is German and means Brrrr, it is cold outside. 

At this time we have summer here and beautiful warm weather.

Next card shows cacti, I love to play with colors and so I use colors like pastels tone for my card.... This time I try again to write the sentiment, hope you can read this :)

This is the last card from the Landscape Day... This was a little challenge for me :) 
...but looks interesting. 
I show the card my husband. He said to me: "Hunny, you have to write the word ACROSS small, it is an adjective. I was amazed, because I used a stamp from MFT. I told him, that I used a stamp and he said really? Yes, I am not sure with writing sentiments and mostly the looks terrible. He said, you need only practice... it's like the painting, you grew so much... " Oh I love this moments. I am pleased to have a husband like him.

Ok, this was the day landscape, which card is your favorite?

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Donnerstag, 19. Juli 2018

Simply Watercolor Day 3 Handlettering

Today is the theme not so easy, because I haven't practice in hand-lettering... 

I let me inspire from the course yesterday, my ideas and look, what I create... 

At first I create this lazy sloth and color him... after than I searched a sentiment who will fit... It is an German sentiment and means... "Actually I had a lot things in mind today, well than I have a lot to plan tomorrow." Ok I hope you will understand it... 

This is my second image I made for this day... It is again a German sentiment and means:
"this is no mess, here are ideas everywhere around."

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Simply Watercolor meet crafty friend

Today I meet my friend Frau Voegeli... and what does two crafty friends? We have the same course and so we create new stuff :)

My friend likes to break the rules and to create own stuff... I saw a lot of great ideas and must say wow...  you can visit her Instagram Account here

I was inspired and my mojo came back, also I create a few new character... At first I colored this moose, I don't finished the card now. I am not sure wich sentiment I will use...

...after the moose I colored this raccoon... ok, it can be a cat, too :)  What ever this is for a critter it looks sweet.. At now I don't finish it yet.

..and my last image I made by my friend was this one...

A big bunny with a ladybug... looks friendly. I also don't finish this... Not sure which sentiment fits and where I should write this... Maybe you have an idea, please let my know what you are thinking in the comments below.

Mittwoch, 18. Juli 2018

Simply Watercolor Day 2 create Critters

This time is the theme critters... you will paint it by yourself. Here are my cards. Which one do you prefer?

Looks he not pretty? 

four little critters, maybe I made an other card with similar animals...

the bear don't looks very happy, maybe if he is older than he wish :)

this is a bonus from Kristina Werner... A funny cat... 

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Montag, 16. Juli 2018

Simply Watercolor Day 1 Pattern Backgrounds

Today was the first day from the new course simply watercolor... My husband is with the kids on an camping, so I use the quite time to color... 

Here my first cards from the course...