Sonntag, 12. Februar 2017

Coffee and Tea

I bought the Monthly Kit from Simon Say Stamp in February 2017 :)

This is so cute, all the stuff inside... Hope find time for crafting :)

I found a sketch in the Internet, but I do not remember, which side... So sorry... I love the inspiration and made my own card.

How I made this card?
At the beginning I stamped all cups on the craft card stock (different paper). I used my scissor and cut  the label, the cups and the lids... with a black bold marker I color the edges, before I put all together. The background is made with Distress Ink and a foil. Take the Ink an smash it on the foil, spray water on the foil and press it softly on the card, remove, press again, till you have your background... I used Tape for made a few strips... and finished my card....

I used also a glitter pen for the lids and the labels :)

Thanks for visit my blog and for a lovely comment... 

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