Samstag, 18. Februar 2017

Hero Arts Color Layering Koi

Today I made 4 cards with this beautiful stamp set... I must say, I love it :)

How I made my card?
  1. I prepare all my paper for my cards...
  2. I used a selfmade stencil (Acetate foil and cut out a circle, spray Re Mount = non Permanent glue on this)
  3. put the foil on your card and mask, if you need
  4. use an other foil, now you can take a Distress Ink of your choice, I used a blue one, pressures a few times on the foil and splash a little water with a misti on this
  5. now it is time to play, have fun and made your background how you love it...
  6. ...if the background dry you can stamp your sentiment, what you want :)
  7. stamp all your fishes (gray fish - Hero Arts Soft Granite, Hero Art Neon Orange and Hero Arts Charcoal and for the orange fish - I used the Hero Arts Soft Vanilla, Hero Arts Neon Orange, Hero Arts Soft Granite and at least the Charcoal)
  8. stamp all your lily pads (I used my Hero Art Lime to Forever Green Ombré)
  9. now stamp all your lily flowers, I used Distress ink
  10. cut all out and put together your card...
  11. Finished :)
If you have any question, please let me know. I will answer soon as possible :)

Thanks for stoping and for you lovely comment...

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