Donnerstag, 7. September 2017

Aquarelle Chimpanzee

Since a while ago I search time for made a draw... As I was young, before I know cardmaking I draw picture with pencils or Acryl... this was years ago, before I was a mum :)

Yesterday I decide me to try it again, but I want to play with my Aquarelle from LUKAS

...and this is the result from my drawing...

How I do this kind of art?
I searched a picture from an chimpanzee and choose the paper (Boesner aquarelle 300). After than I made a sketch with a soft pencil, so I can erase lines... 
... and this is like mine sketch look's...

...after than I look to a color scheme (brown, grey and black colors for the fur/ yellow, ocher, orange and grey tones for the skin/ green, blue tones for the background)...
I start to play with the colors and the brushes and start this journey :)

I try to bring in shadows and lights... to bring live into the picture... a mother with her baby... a moment with a lot of joy :) So I layered also the picture... I bring color and more color and end this picture with a friendly and easy background... the last I add with my Prismapencils a few accents... 

I hope you like it too, maybe you try your own drawing.. . and if you made your own one, than I will be honored if you send me the link in the comments below :)

Hugs and greetings... Ute

I play with this picture in follow challenge :

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