Montag, 16. Juli 2018

Paintalong Watercolor Landscapes

I am a member from the free class watercolor Landscapes. A wonderful class for all people, who want try to color this art. I painted my first two projects and I am stunning about what I created with help from Sandy Allnock. Can't wait to find more time for practice :)

A typically farm house from America... I had trouble with the masking liquid on my paper, because if I removed them I damage the paper. After coloring white again it fixed the paper... I don't know why it was happened. Maybe you have a tip for me :)

My second picture was this one.... A wonderful sunrise... I didn't color the clouds so like I want... but I love the result.... I added gold to the shining areas... So it looks like the sun shining to it...

It was a great practice to play with my colors.... and to try techniques :)

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