Freitag, 20. Juli 2018

Simply Watercolor Day 4 Landscape

Yesterday was the Landscaping Day, my family came back so I did't have enough time to made this post, but I want to show you all my cards.

This was the first card from the day and I follow the tutorial.  This is really easy to do.

The second, is the theme Galaxy. I love the special form, which Kristina W. was showing... I put also a little pink into the background. I am not a fan to write my own sentiments, mostly they looks terrible, so I decided me to stamp a sentiment and use a stamp sent from Create a Smile... Mostly it is cold outside, it is German and means Brrrr, it is cold outside. 

At this time we have summer here and beautiful warm weather.

Next card shows cacti, I love to play with colors and so I use colors like pastels tone for my card.... This time I try again to write the sentiment, hope you can read this :)

This is the last card from the Landscape Day... This was a little challenge for me :) 
...but looks interesting. 
I show the card my husband. He said to me: "Hunny, you have to write the word ACROSS small, it is an adjective. I was amazed, because I used a stamp from MFT. I told him, that I used a stamp and he said really? Yes, I am not sure with writing sentiments and mostly the looks terrible. He said, you need only practice... it's like the painting, you grew so much... " Oh I love this moments. I am pleased to have a husband like him.

Ok, this was the day landscape, which card is your favorite?

Thanks for visit my blog and for your lovely comment :)


  1. WOW! Your cards all came out AMAZING! I especially love the last one. The background sky is breathtaking!! Great job!!