Donnerstag, 19. Juli 2018

Simply Watercolor meet crafty friend

Today I meet my friend Frau Voegeli... and what does two crafty friends? We have the same course and so we create new stuff :)

My friend likes to break the rules and to create own stuff... I saw a lot of great ideas and must say wow...  you can visit her Instagram Account here

I was inspired and my mojo came back, also I create a few new character... At first I colored this moose, I don't finished the card now. I am not sure wich sentiment I will use...

...after the moose I colored this raccoon... ok, it can be a cat, too :)  What ever this is for a critter it looks sweet.. At now I don't finish it yet.

..and my last image I made by my friend was this one...

A big bunny with a ladybug... looks friendly. I also don't finish this... Not sure which sentiment fits and where I should write this... Maybe you have an idea, please let my know what you are thinking in the comments below.