Samstag, 25. November 2017

Scrappers Delights New Release (Stickers)

Today it's New Release time by Scrapper's Delights :)  

A new kind of Digi-stamps in sticker packages perfect for cards, for planners or for Scrapbooks... I decided me to try an other style as I made normally...

In October my family visited me and so we made a few sightseeing.. One day we was in the mountain... in a mystical park, called Blausee (blue lake)... The colors on the trees are changed and the water was really blue... Perfect to bring the stickers in scene and so I made a framed project.

I bought for years ago this IKEA frame and think this will be fit perfectly too...

How I made this?
I want to more shine in the layout (found it on Internet, but forgot where..., please let me know, if you find the side :)) I spend my pages and prepare the background. I used a circle (black) and wrote the word Blausee into the circle in white, also I wrote the text. After I finished this I print out with my Laserprinter. Than I laminate it,, in a sandwich (folded regular paper and foil on the black prints)... It is like magic, the foil sticks there, where the black ink was... Now I use Paper Scraps and finished the background. I search picture from the adventure and print them on photo paper and arrange this to the page. After than I printed the leaves from the NEW RELEASE and colored they with my ZIG Color brushes and bring they on the side too... At last I bring in a few Alphabet stickers (HERBST, means fall) and finished it. I glue the Scrappage on a brown paper from lawn Fawn and framed it :)

Here a bigger picture from the lake :) Maybe you are in Switzerland, than it is really cool to the the lake in real... At the summer month you can drive by a boat over the lake (in the boat is a window and you can see the fishes :)).

Thanks for visit my blog and for your lovely comment :)

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