Donnerstag, 19. Juli 2018

Simply Watercolor Day 3 Handlettering

Today is the theme not so easy, because I haven't practice in hand-lettering... 

I let me inspire from the course yesterday, my ideas and look, what I create... 

At first I create this lazy sloth and color him... after than I searched a sentiment who will fit... It is an German sentiment and means... "Actually I had a lot things in mind today, well than I have a lot to plan tomorrow." Ok I hope you will understand it... 

This is my second image I made for this day... It is again a German sentiment and means:
"this is no mess, here are ideas everywhere around."

Thanks for visit my blog and for your lovely comment.


  1. I love that sloth (My German is rudimentary, but I understood the phrases fairly well.); we Americans have a similar saying ("We can put it off until tomorrow.").

  2. How cute is this! Love the sloth!! Your watercoloring is wonderful!

  3. Ute, deine beiden Karten sind klasse! - Sowohl die Malereien, als auch Layout und die Texte! Von mir gibt's hier Bestnoten für die OCC-Hausaufgaben!
    Ganz liebe Grüße von Wiebke (KomMa-designed)